Insurance Coverage

Dr. Jeter's services are contracted with many insurance carriers. Please check with our office staff to find out whether your medical coverage is in one of our contracted plans. However, we also encourage you to contact your medical insurance carrier to verify your coverage with Dr. Jeter.

If you are “out of network,” you may have a significantly higher out of pocket obligation. If you seek medical care with Dr. Jeter, you will need to come prepared to settle your account at the time of service. Your insurance is obligated to reimburse you for your visit at the non-contracted or out-of-network rate.


Conversely, if you seek medical care with Dr. Jeter using an insurance plan of which he is a member you will need to come prepared with your insurance company ID card, as well as any co-payment responsibility you have.

If you have questions regarding fees or insurance matters, please feel free to contact our office for clarification.